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“It’s Been A While”

Hello everyone ! It’s been a while since I’ve been here on “WordPress”  I guess you can say …. Yes I’ve had writer’s block. Just like a roadblock, where you don’t have any idea which way to go.  My problem was I wasn’t getting any new ideas for stories. I tried going down to this road, and decided no, maybe it’s this road. Nevertheless, nothing was working. So I decided to take a break.   Days turned into  weeks,  then   month’s,   then  years Maybe I  thought , reading  books  a lot, to  try and  get  new ideas. I love to read, then  hoping  to get different … New ideas.   It didn’t happen. My problem was, just not ready yet.                                                               Ready or not ….I’m  back, and  I  hope  for a while, I can keep writing, and think of some new things to keep me rolling.            Thanks for being patience,  and  for reading this.


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“Shelly and Sherman” (19)

The next morning everybody was excited about the day. We all got up,and got ready for school,and ate a bowl of cereal. Helen told us not to worry about anything. It was her job to do the worrying. I’ll dropped you all off at school,and head to the meeting.

Helen said,she was very nervous,about the outcome of the meeting. When she drove into the parking lot,at the agency. She noticed Fran and Nancy,standing outside in front of the building.

They both seen her,as she got out of her SUV. Helen went over to them,and she  must have looked nervous,because Fran and Nancy both gave Helen a hug. Everything is going to be fine,they both said.

“Lets go inside,”said Fran.

Helen said she was surprised,the only people in the room was them

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving family.

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving family.

three,and the board,behind this huge table.Some one behind the table,asked Helen to sit in the seat in front of them.

Then another lady stood up,and read a long yellow paper,about this case. The judge started talking when she was finished.

“Mrs. Flunet,as you can see,we have the whole report,from Fran Comer. We have all come to the decision,since Shelly and Sherman Thomas,are very happy living in your home. That they can stay their,until your family moves to Boston. Then they will have to be placed together,with another foster carer,until you and your husband gets rights to adopt them both. There after,both of them can move to Boston,and be, new family members.

Helen couldn’t believe what he just said.

“Thank You,Your Honor! “Our family will be very please with the court’s decision.”

I couldn’t wait until the kids came home to tell them. As soon as I arrived home, I called Tom,and told him. He told me, we have to start the adoption process as soon as possible.

When we came in from school,we all asked at one time,what happened? Helen told us,and we were dancing in a circle. Afterward,she took us all to McDonald’s for dinner.

Tom and Helen had a lot of work to do,to get the adoption done. They both decided to hold off moving to Boston,until the adoption was settled. Tom would continue staying in motels, until we all made the move.

Six months after-wards,the adoptions were finalized,and we were ready to move. Tom already had a house in mind. He said he was checking out this house,that had plenty of room for every one. If we wanted to,we would have our own horse to take care of. That sounded like a plan to me.

Finally my birthday wish came true,it took a while. Sherman and I are together,and happy living with a nice family,our new family. So don’t ever give up your dream or hope,it may take time,and a lot of work. But in the end it is will worth it,just ask Sherman.

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“Shelly and Sherman” (18)

Today when I woke up for school,the sun was shining brightly. The first thing that came to my mind, was, it was going to be a great day.

The day at school, went pretty well,our teacher thought so also. She said,”since everyone got either a A or B on your homework,from yesterday. I’m not going to give you any work tonight.” Everybody slapped,then the last bell rang for the end of the day.

We all met up in front of the school,and walked home. We were chitter, chatting about the day. We didn’t have any homework to do tonight,so we planned to play a board game.

When we got home,Helen said she was going to start dinner,in a half hour. We told her we didn’t have any homework.

“You all go upstairs and change your school clothes.”said Helen

“Can we play a board game?” I asked

“You all can until dinners ready.”

We all flew upstairs,got changed and Mindy took the Monopoly game out of the closet.She said, “Sherman no cheating,”

“I don’t cheat!” You’re still mad about the last game we play. You went bankrupt, it’s not my fault.”

“Let just play,okay?” I said

Before we knew it,Helen was calling us from down stairs,”the food is ready.”

We all gathered at the kitchen table,except for Mr.Flunet.  He must be on another business trip. Just after Helen sat down,we heard the mailman,put mail in the mailbox.

Helen rushed out the door to retrieve the mail. She was going through it,and their was a letter from the social agency.

Helen sat back down and practically tore the envelope open. When she got to the letter,she read it to herself. Then she looked up at us,and read part of the letter to us.

“The agency board had a meeting,two days ago. Read the report that Nancy gave Fran. They decided Mrs. Rachael Prance,at this time,isn’t in any condition to care for the children. Maybe when she gets straighten out with her husband,then she can contact the agency,about continuing her present position.

Furthermore, we wish to have a meeting with Mr.and Mrs.Flunet, at 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning on 4-7-2001.

“That’s good news,isn’t it?”

“It seems to be, but I have to call tomorrow. Tell them that Tom is away on business. I hope that doesn’t hurt anything.”

“Let me call Tom now,and see what he says.”

Helen dialed Tom’s cell phone number,and he answered it right away. She told him about the letter,and the meeting,for tomorrow.

She told us after she hung up. That Tom said the letter so far sounded good. But their was no way he could be at the meeting tomorrow. They can call him,if they wanted to.

Helen got back on the phone again,and called Fran. By luck,she answered the phone,and Helen told her about Tom being in Boston.

After she hung up,she told us,everything is okay. Fran said, “if they need to talk to Tom,then someone from the court,will call him.”

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“Shelly and Sherman” (17)

On Saturday,Nancy showed up at the house around ten o’clock in the morning. She said,she wanted to get started early. Because it was going to take a while.


“I would like to talk to the children first.”said Nancy


“That’s fine! Answered Mrs. Flunet


“Where would you like me to go for some privacy?”


“Go into the living room and close the door.”said Mrs. Flunet


“The first one will be Sherman,come with me.”


Sherman and Nancy went into the next room,and shut the door. Sherman came out maybe fifteen minutes later. He had a smile on his face,and looked at me and said,”Nancy wants to see you next.”

I went in and shut the door behind me. Nancy was sitting on the couch,she said “Come over and sit on the couch with me.”


“The reason for this meeting is,I would like to know how you feel about living with: Mrs. Prance and Mr. And Mrs. Flunet?”


Mrs. Prance is nice,but she wouldn’t let us play much. We had to be quite all the time. She really was mean,after her husband called her on the phone all the time. Sherman and I was glad we left their. I don’t know how he stayed so long with her.”

“Sherman and I both like living with Mr.and Mrs. Flunet,and their daughter Mindy. We all get along like family.”


“What are you and your brother going to do,when they move to Boston?”


“I hope they will adopt us both. So we can move with them.”


“What if they don’t?”


“I don’t know,then maybe we will be back in another home. But I wish they would adopt us.”

“Okay Shelly,first we have to let the courts decide,what’s best for you and your brother.”

“I know whats best for us both,moving to Boston with the Flunets,as a family.”


“Would you please send Mr.and Mrs. Flunet,and Mindy in here?”


“They all went in to see Nancy,they stayed for about twenty minutes. Then Nancy came out,and said to Helen and Tom. “I’m going to send my report in to the state,and wait for an answer. I let you know, as soon as I hear anything.”


Then she left,and everybody got quite.


“Well we just have to wait,and see what the courts say. That’s all we can do.” said Tom


This was two weeks ago,and we still didn’t hear anything. Mrs. Flunet didn’t want to leave the house,because she thought,if Nancy called she would miss it.She also was faithfully waiting for the mail man every day. In case,the state mail them a letter instead. Everyone was nervous,about the outcome. I hope they didn’t have another mix-up like they had before,and separated,Sherman and I.


The days went on,and we just had to wait and wait each day. Even when Sherman and I were in school,our minds were on,what’s gonna happen to us.


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“Shelly and Sherman” (16)

The bell rang at 3:30,it was the last one of the day. Sherman and I grabbed our book,that we needed for homework. Becca followed my brother and I out of the school. We all met up with Mindy,she was standing in front of the school talking to her class-mate Sheila. Mindy told me that her mother picks her up after school. When her mother pulled up,Sheila hurried to get inside the car. As they pulled away,Sheila rolled the window down,and yelled, “ bye!” to Mindy.

As all three of us was walking home. We couldn’t help but talk about, what will happen to us,if Mindy’s family move to Boston.

“I just hope we don’t go back to Mrs. Prances house,she could be a meany”. said Shelly

“Me too!” said Sherman. “I’d rather stay here!”

“We just have to wait and see what the courts say.”Said Shelly

“I don’t really want to go to Boston,but I won’t have a choice. My dad wants us to go as a family.”

“You can’t blame him Mindy,my dad would want the same for us,I’m sure.”

We arrived home just in time,to over hear Helen say on the phone.”No Mrs. Prance,we haven’t heard anything from the courts yet. But I’ll call you if I do. Bye!”

Mindy and Sherman and I waited for Helen to say something,about the call. But she just said,”Go upstairs and change your clothes,if you have homework do it. Because I’m putting dinner on now.”

While we were all upstairs,we heard the phone ring.

Helen answered it,”Yes this is Mrs. Flunet! Oh hello Nancy! She was listening to Nancy on the phone,and she answered,”Well Mrs. Prance called me on the phone,not to long ago. Ask me if I heard anything,I told her no.”

Helen listened again,and then replied. “Since your going to call her,I won’t have to call her back. Okay I’ll wait for the letter,from the state. Thanks for calling, good night.”

Later Helen called us all downstairs to eat. Tom was just pulling in the drive way. He came in and closed the door. “Something really smell good,I’m going wash up and I’ll be back down.said Tom

We all waited for Tom to come back down. When he did,he helped Helen dish out the spaghetti and meatballs for everyone.

Sherman started to dig into his food first. The rest of us followed,when we were finished. Helen took a white cake out of the refrigerator,and slice us all a big piece of cake,with a glass of milk.

As we were laughing and talking about what happened today. Helen said,”I have something to tell all of you. Nancy called while you children were upstairs,and she said she is coming by Saturday to talk to everyone about the move to Boston. She wants to know what everyone is thinking.”

“Is that okay with everyone?”

Tom and all the kids replied,”Yes”

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“Shelly and Sherman” (15)

The following weeks were pretty good,at school and at home. Then one night,Mr. Flunet came home,and they both started arguing.


Mr.Flunet said, “Helen I told you I found another job,in Boston. It pays much better,than my old job. Plus I don’t have to travel all over,I can just stay in the same area of the job. So what is the problem? We sell this house and move.”


“You know we can’t take Shelly and Sherman with us. What are we going to do?”


“I’m sorry but I waited a long time for a job like this. It would be nice for them to come with us. But it is not in the cards. If you don’t move with me,I want a divorce.”


“Are you serious Tom?”


“Yes I am!”


“Well why don’t you leave now? I don’t like being pressured.”


“Helen it’s your choice.”


“Get out of here now,before I call the police.”


“This is my house to Helen,try it.”


“On second thought!” “I’m leaving,but I won’t be back!”


“Good by Tom!”


So Mr. Flunet packed the rest of his things up,and slammed the door shut as he left.


“Mom,dad won’t be back!” she cried


“That’ll be his choice!”


“You all get back up stairs,and find something to do. I have to think of a way out of this,if I can, now go!”


The next day while the kids were in school. Helen said,she called the social worker. The man that answered the phone,said Ms. Comer would be back at 1:00,and to call back. So she told him,she would call back.


Helen told me she called her back about 1:30. When she did call back,Ms.Comer answered the phone.


“Hello,yes this is Ms. Comer’s speaking.


Helen told her about her and her husband Tom’s move. And if she could take the twins with her if they moved.


The social worker said that would be unlikely. Helen said,her husband got another job in Boston,and he wants to sell our house and move to Boston.


“The social worker also told her,that the state would have to make their decision. If they decide on letting you and your husband,care for the Thompson twins. I’m going to report this to my superior,and get back to you. She said she would get back to her,when she gets the new report from the state.

Helen told me,she hung the phone up. She was really sad,with what Ms. Comer had told her.

She knew deep in her heart,that Tom was right. But she wanted to move with the twins,so they could make a new life,with them,Mindy and Tom.

Helen told me after she calmed down,she called Tom. He was surprise to hear from her. Helen told him about the call to the social worker.Then she had to wait for an answer from the state.

Helen told me,that Tom told her. “We can’t change,the outcome of the state. I know we both would like to have the twins with us. But at the same time,we have to think about our life also.”

“I’ll call you when I hear something,better yet. Will you please come back home?”



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“Shelly and Sherman” (14)

All day Saturday,we all,

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving family.

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving family.

were busy. Mrs. Prance,helped us bring all the suitcases in. When Nancy came,Mrs. Prance said good-by to us,and hoped we had a good stay.

Helen said that she knew that Sherman was my twin. She couldn’t get over,how exact we both looked. With the dark black hair,and both had big brown eyes,that glistening with happiness.

Helen told us she would help us take the things upstairs. Nancy was sitting in the living room taking notes. She stood up when Helen came downstairs,and told her if we need anything call her. Then ten minutes later,she drove off in her white car.

I moved into Mindy’s room with her, there were two twin size beds in her room. Sherman had my bedroom. I didn’t care,he was here with all of us.

After we put everything away where they belonged, we went downstairs,and ate lunch.

“Mindy why don’t you take Shelly and Sherman down to your school,and play on the playground. This way Sherman will see his new school.”

“Okay mom!”

We then walked down to the school. Mindy and Sherman seemed to get along. Like when I first moved into their house.

“So what did I miss,since I been going Mindy?”

“You didn’t miss that much,but I missed you in class. So did the rest of the class. Even our teacher did. She ask,when you were coming back.”

“Well,I’m glad to be back,Sherman will like it here.”

“Let’s all go on the swings,” said Sherman

“Can’t we talk Sherman?” said Mindy

“Can’t you talk and swing?”said Sherman

“Your getting to funny Sherman.I’m talking to your sister.”

“So!” laughed Sherman

“Is your father still on his business trip?”

“I guess!” “The last time he was home,mom and dad got in an argument about something. He got mad,and packed some of his clothes,and left. That was about three weeks ago. I’ve haven’t seen him since,mom said “He’ll be back!” “But I don’t know,he was really mad.”

“Do you think he was mad about us coming?”said Shelly

“Really I don’t know! “Maybe”

“Are we finished swinging yet?” said Sherman

“Why!” said Shelly

“Because I want to go back and play in my room.”

“Let’s go everybody!” I said

When we arrived home,Helen was in the kitchen making dinner.

“Did you all have fun? She asked

Sherman said, “Yes until they started talking girl stuff.”

Everybody laughed,then Helen said,”You all go upstairs and clean up. Dinner is almost ready”

After we ate dinner,Mindy and I went to our room and play a game,and listened to music. Sherman went to his room and played with his trains that mom and dad had brought him. The year before they passed away.

We all played until Mrs. Flunet yelled up the steps and told us it was our bedtime. None of us wanted to go to bed,but we went any way,it was a busy day.

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving home

We just want to be adopted together, to a loving home